The Bat! Professional Edition 5.2.2

The Bat! Professional Edition 5.2.2



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Date Added:30 March, 2013

Author: Ritlabs

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The Bat! Professional is an email client that offers secure authentication on POP3/SMTP servers using hardware tokens and transparent, on-the-fly encryption of the email message base, address books and configuration files. This makes the sensitive data stored on your mobile and desktop computers really secure!

To begin using on-the-fly encryption with The Bat!, if you were previously using SecureBat!, is easy OCo just backup the configuration, address book and the message base using the Tools|Backup menu item of The Bat!, uninstall The Bat! completely, and install The Bat! again, specifying on-the-fly encryption during the first run, and restore this data via the Tools|Restore menu item.

The Bat! supports hardware RSA key generation, signature and decryption for S/MIME with Aladdin eToken Pro. The Bat! is very well-protected against viruses and worms that spread via email. The Bat! doesn't use the Windows address book and Windows-dependent HTML viewer, which have been the targets of many recent attacks. The Bat! warns the user before opening suspicious attachments or even blocks them completely.

The field of potential use for The Bat! is wide: from large corporations to small offices, home offices or private computers, where the role of Security Officer is taken on by the user himself.

The Bat! is the first and only security product to combine hardware authentication with mail servers, on-the-fly encryption of all locally-stored data and OpenPGP or S/MIME techniques to protect messages in transit.

* Works with Aladdin eToken Pro or Rainbow iKey1000 tokens
* Unencrypted files never appear on disk
* On-the-fly encryption with no noticeable delays
* Support for all PGP versions from 2.6x through 8
* Support for S/MIME with X.509 certificates
* Hardware RSA key generation, signing and decryption for S/MIME with Aladdin eToken Pro
* Guarantee that only authorized users can access their email accounts
Release notes: New Release
* The Internal HTML viewer could not correctly display messages in the Japanese character set
* Some IMAP servers (g.g. Zimbra) cannot handle the ID command sent simultaneously with Login
* The Edition Type (Home/Professional) wasn't displayed in the about box
* Fixes for the Mail Dispatcher list/header view size and the list font
* When a sub-set of folders was restored from the backup file while they had been missing in that account, those folders were created under the account's Inbox folder
* Not all Google contacts were imported into The Bat!'s address book
* The changes to Character Sets (XLAT) were not saved ("Options -> Preferences -> Other options")
* The changes to the character set "Translation FROM Windows" could not be saved (Options -> Preferences -> Other options -> Character Sets (XLAT))
* When an HTML message was loaded for editing, the viewer options were used
[ The Bat! Professional Edition full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, WinNT 4.0, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows2003

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